IVF – Boy or Girl Breaking the Myth


We talk about gender equality, but a bigger question has to be asked! Do we believe that?

The answer is NO. Although, our society has upgraded their statuses and the way of living but somewhere the perception or we should say the desire to have a male child still prevails. They actually crave for it. The people are ready to spend huge amount of money for this. They try several superstitions just for the sake of their belief that by doing so they can have a male child. Following Chinese calendars, conceiving child during full moon period, going to temples, performing rituals are some of the superstitious activities people follow. Some people go for IVF, asking for the guarantee to have a male child. Perhaps they have some misconceptions about this advanced procedure for having babies. Although, it’s quite saddening that many centers are giving such guarantees, But IVF center in Delhi like FirstStepIVF is not giving any guarantee for a male child for minting money with a claim of giving up to 90% chance of male child through this procedure.

Scientifically, the gender determination works on probability only. If sperm bearing ‘X’ chromosome unifies with ‘X’ of the female gamete the result will be ‘XX’ i.e. Female child. If sperm bearing Y chromosome unifies with ‘X’ of the female gamete the result will be ‘XY’ i.e. Male child.

People have to understand that IVF procedure do not 100% assure the male child. Not denying the fact that with IVF procedure, there are chances of sex selection and for having a male child, its 56.1%. But one should also know that if sex selection is done for social reasons then it’s completely illegal. With medical guidance & consent during conditions of gender related genetic diseases it can be done according to the rules. It is done by PGD- PreImplantation Genetic Diagnosis, which has given higher success rate till yet. This procedure is banned in INDIA.

Now here again arises a major question! Who are they? Only the backward and illiterate people?

NO! These people can be of any class of the society seeking to fulfill their motive to have a boy who can take their heritage forward. But with NO OFFENCE, we need to highlight a simple but logical concern. If everyone will have a boy then in coming years how the boy can have a boy? Tricky right? So is the society which has to change its thinking so as to advance socially. Gender equality is the unfinished business of the 21st century. Let’s take First Steps to go miles for this cause.

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